The leading brand of disposable tableware sought to reverse a six-year decline in its flagship product, while also optimizing its overall portfolio for growth.

Have the virtual connections created via social media actually made us less connected, and less social? Are the high demands of life today creating a too-short supply of time to get together with friends and family? If you answered "yes" to either of those questions, then the message behind Chinet's latest campaign will resonate. The essence of the strategy, and this campaign, is about how, as a society, we seem to be less connected than ever before. In the not-so-recent past it seemed that people getting together – in person – and spending quality time with friends or neighbors wasn't so hard, nor such a rarity. It certainly seemed to be more of a priority. Who better to provide commentary on this cultural shift than Chinet, a brand that has been at the center of potlucks, picnics and  backyard barbecues for more than 75 years.

The campaign features a young woman who breaks away from a crowd of "drones on smartphones" to enter a museum exhibit titled "The Lost Art." She encounters glass-enclosed display cases featuring actual people, frozen in time, in the act of getting together – "The Cocktail Party," "An Evening with theNeighbors," and "The Block Party." By the time she is finished surveying the final display, our heroine has decided that she wants to be a part of the warm, human interaction she is seeing, and literally steps inside to join the festivities. The scene then comes to life while the voice-over reads, "Rediscover the Lost Art of Getting Together."

The television commercial is airing on The Food Network, HGTV and The Travel Channel, among others. The campaign extends into national magazines, and also into digital media, including a virtual tour of "The Lost Art" exhibit at featuring inspiration, ideas and tips for people to have their own get-togethers more often.


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